Corporate Gaming

Add realism and atmosphere to product launches and special events.
M.A.G can provide staff and equipment to enhance your big moment.

Whether it is the release of a new mil sim game, a new range of apparel, or perhaps the launch of new equipment or weapons for the airsoft community we can have people and equipment on site at your venue with the promotion and enhancement of your product as their primary objective.

M.A.G can set up static displays, create interactive way points, or put boots on the ground for your business. Let our experience, skill, and knowledge work for you.

From sand bagged machine gun emplacements at the entrance of your venue to a team fully equipped with tactical vests, BDUs, field coms, and weapons to add atmosphere to your event.

We can also put your people through the mill in field operations designed to develop and promote team work, develop leadership and decision making skills, and enhance lateral thinking and problem solving skills.

Corporate team building days are a fun and different way to get your people functioning as a cohesive group.

If you want to organise a corporate round robin series of games this is no better way to get your people pumped for a competitive series.

If you have some special clients or guests you want to do something different for try one of our game days combined with an in field lunch.

We can incorporate your ideas, products, and ideals into the day.

We can supply promotional caps and tee shirts so that your guests and employees  remember their experience.

Services Offered Include-

  • Team Building Days
  • Confidence Building Days
  • Leadership Development Courses
  • Company Fun Days
  • Product Launch’s
  • Special Events
  • Business Round Robin Series
  • Adventure Day Packages

All you need do is simple contact us