Film and Media

The team at M.A.G can make it a lot easier. Working with your production team to understand your needs, how you want the finished product to look, and what your capture limitations are?

Our people can help get it all working.

M.A.G can provide weapons handling training for principals, supporting cast, and extras, choreograph battle scenes and engagements, and provide technical advice on operational and field techniques.

M.A.G can also supply gas blow back weapons for hire that realistically resemble and mimic the real thing in firing action, handling, and weight.

These weapons are cheaper to run, completely safe as there is no chance of an inadvertent load out which may cause harm or injury, yet respond like the real thing adding realism to the response of the user.

The M.A.G team can run condensed training sessions to help get your on camera people looking as close to the real thing as you can get,mini boot camps are one way to describe it.

Depending on how realistically your cast need to perform these range from one day basic techniques to a full week of training including general field fitness, non verbal communications, functioning as a team, ground movement, radio procedures, weapons handling, fire support techniques, building entries, VIP transport and protection, and section tactics.

We will work with your people to get them working together as a team and to respond as real fire teams would so that they will look like the real deal on the screen.

Some times the way it would be done in real life will not make for good cinema photography. We can coach your principals, supporting cast, and extras in weapons handling techniques, movement as individuals and groups, and verbal and non verbal communications that will work on screen.

Your finished product reflects on us so it is in our interests to give you our 100% effort, if it looks good for you then it looks good for us.

All you need do is simple contact us to discuss your needs.